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Do you have a compliance strategy for your POC 3D Print Lab?

We enable you to work with compliant processes and medical devices directly at your 3D print lab. 

End-to-end through the whole journey.
Compliant and consistent.

Our POC APP Solution

POC APP ensures compliance and consistency throughout the whole process of planning and manufacturing medical devices directly at your Point-of-Care. We understand the importance of creating products that meet legal standards while remaining cutting-edge. 

We support you with customisable end-to-end solutions on this journey. Manufacturing anatomical models, surgical guides and implants within your POC 3D print lab requires more than just equipment, materials, and skilled personnel. It requires a tailored and suitable quality management system (QMS) and precise, evidence-based documentation, all in line with MDR 2017/745 Annex I regulations.

We want you to have full confidence in the process, from start to finish. Our solution is based on solid experience in this field and leads to substantial savings in both quality management (QMS) investments and operational expenses for quality assurance (QA).

Your benefits

Let’s shape the future of innovative medical device production together.
Ensuring compliance, efficiency and top-notch patient care every step of the way.
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